Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rock Parrots - and a few cows!

This morning my friend Teresa and I decided to go to Hindmarsh Island for a couple hours to check on the Rock Parrots.

First stop was On The Run to stock up on the essential - Coffee, coffee and more coffee. With our most pressing needs met we were off.

Hindmarsh Island is just out of Goolwa  and it is a beautiful drive through the lush green countryside and many dairy farms.

Teresa and I went to the Murray Mouth lookout on Sugars Ave and walked through the samphire.

 Our efforts were quickly rewarded. We observed 10 Rock Parrots in about 45 minutes.

Rock Parrot

They are tricky because they hide in the samphire and are easily flushed but they can be accomodating if you follow them and move slowly and quietly.

When you flush them....

.... keep an eye on where they land!

Also present were plenty of Welcome Swallow, Singing Honeyeaters, White Fronted Chat and Sacred Ibis along with Pelicans, Sooty Oystercatchers, Bar Tailed Godwit, Crested and Caspian Tern and Great Cormorant.

Sacred Ibis

Singing Honeyeater and Welcome Swallow

Singing Honeyeater

A short drive around the island also produced over 100 Cape Barron Geese, Swamp Harrier, Black Faced Cuckooshrike, about 20 Banded Lapwing, Whistling Kite, European Goldfinch and Black Swan.
For such a short drive from Adelaide, Hindmarsh Island is always a great place to go birding and the scenery of the Coorong is gorgeous.

Rock Parrot

Looking at the cows around this area reminded me of just how many different breeds there are and that I have no idea about them. So, being the "obsessive compulsive" that I am, I made a life changing decision. I am going to start ticking cows as well!

This will mean I need to photograph and identify them first. How do I do this? I do not think there is a field guide to "cows of Australia". I will need to make myself one!  In the mean time Teresa was a wealth of knowledge and google was also very handy!

Here are my first cows for you to enjoy!

Aberdeen Angus



Murray Grey

Murray Grey

OK, so it's not a cow...