Friday, December 30, 2011

Toolangi State Forest and Yarra Ranges National Park Birding

Today my friend Vik and I went to Toolangi State Forest, starting off at Wirrawilla Rainforest walk and the Quarry Road. It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning with a Lyrebird flying across the road in front of the car before we even arrived at the carpark!

We explored the boardwalk before quietly turning into the quarry. Immediately we had a Lyrebird scratching at the start of Quarry road! This place is stunning!
During the hike we saw Crimson Rosella, King Parrot, Superb Lyrebird, White-throated Treecreeper, Lewin’s Honeyeater, Spotted Pardalote, Large-billed & White-browed scrubwrens, Rufous Fantail, Brown Thorrnbill, Pied Currawong, Golden Whistler and Grey Shrike-thrush.

We then headed for lunch at the Singing Garden Tearooms – former home of CJ Dennis . We enjoyed the garden and the King Parrots before a yummy lunch of Potato, Pea and Leek Soup followed by Focaccia and Tea.

It was then onto Marysville and Yarra Ranges National Park – a lovely section called the Beeches.  The scenery there was stunning with the gigantic Mountain Ash which sadly have mostly been killed by the recent devastating bushfires.

The car looks so small!!

The Beeches area is lovely and we enjoyed a few hours hiking and got some good views of Lyrebirds here but could only manage this poor photo.

The day concluded with Seafood Platter and red wine. Noice!