Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cheynes Beach & South West WA

I left Darwin and flew straight to Albany for a quick visit to Cheynes Beach.  I only had 24 hrs to find as many lifers as possible so I enlisted help from my friend and local birder Peter Taylor and we wasted no time in starting!

Peter knows the area intimately so I had total faith that we would do well and I was not mistaken. We had Noisy Scrub-bird within minutes of arriving, getting excellent views of this secretive skulker as he crossed the sandy track in front of us!

Clear views of Western Bristlebirds were had as it ran along the track and we heard numerous bristlebirds and whipbirds calling.

I was also able to get improved views and photos of some of the other WA endemics which was wonderful!

Red-capped Parrot

Red-winged Fairywren

White-breasted Robin

Carnaby's Black-Cockatoo

A drive out to the Stirling Ranges provided my 650th Australian bird species! Western Fieldwren!! YES! He approached closely and posed for a photo... so thoughtful!!

Western Fieldwren

A mad dash to the airport but I still needed Swan-river Honeyeater. This bird was playing hard to get. We could hear it in the Albany airport car park but couldnt get onto it before I had to check in. So, dejected I went inside. After checking in the plane was delayed! JOY! I grabbed my bins and ran back outside.. 5 minutes later I was rewarded! 651!! Woo hoo!!

I was very happy on that flight, getting 6 lifers in 24 hrs, gotta be happy with that, thanks Peter!!

Southern Right Whale rolling over at Cheynes Beach

White-bellied Sea-eagle