Sunday, December 16, 2012

Buff-breasted Sandpiper at Price, SA

Well, the siren sounded  – mega rarity at Price – Buff-breasted Sandpiper found by the Colonel. Then I received an sms from him with directions and the birder-mobile was on the road…

To get into Price you need to have passed the safety induction so be sure to contact Birds SA if you plan on twitching this bird!! Note that all visitors need to have done this - no-one can gain entry without producing there induction card. You will need carry your induction card and have to wear your safety clothing including Hi Vis vest, safety eyewear and steel-capped boots.

This bird hangs out on the side of the track so knowing where to look made it reasonably simple to find and seeing it it is immediately obvious with its long yellowish legs and small head.

I was surprised at the beauty of this bird, the images in the field guide do not do it justice. It stood tall on the track directly in front of the car giving a crippling view through the windscreen before flying down into the samphire and mud feeding on insects.

It was flighty so only distant photos were possible.