Saturday, March 16, 2013

SA birding

After my Christmas Island adventure 2 weeks ago, the last couple of weeks has been a bit quiet birding wise. Just a few day trips here in SA.

During a few hrs in Goolwa last weekend I decided to stake out a Latham Snipe. The reeds are over 6 foot tall so I had to dodge the snakes and climb through the reeds sinking in a swamp and wait until the wind blew the reeds out the way. As the wind blew the snipe saw my lens. Luckily I pushed the shutter just before the snipe flushed.

The next day I spent in Gluepot. It was 40C so the birding was pretty quiet. A good day for using the bird hides!

Striped Honeyeater


White-eared Honeyeater


A quick walk around Magazine Rd this afternoon resulting a few Freckled Duck, Australasian Shovelers, Shelduck along with a lone Wood Sandpiper.

Also had a nice chat with Les. Nice to meet you mate! Is this the sandpiper you were talking about?

Wood Sandpiper

Freckled Duck

Eurasian Coot