Saturday, April 13, 2013

Red-lored Whistler at Gluepot

What do you do when a friend asks you to join them for a morning at Gluepot to chase their bogey-bird?  Well you join them of course!  My friend wanted to get decent views of  Red-lored Whistler so that was our target. We found ourselves birding at sunrise after already viewing Spotted Nightjar, Owlet Nightjar and Tawny Frogmouths in the headlights!

During our search we met an interstate birder who also required the Red-lored Whistler as well as Striated  Grasswren so he joined us.

Not long into the search we heard a few short calls from the "Jules" the Red-lored Whistler but this bird is well known for not being very co-operative. He made us work for our reward. However perseverance is the key and we finally got a distant view. My friend was happy but obviously it would be better for him to get decent photos so we decided to keep trying with the hope that Jules would perch close by.

While we continued to search we were rewarded with 4 Fork-tailed Swifts and a Black Falcon.

We found our interstate birding mate a Striated Grasswren which was great and he was all smiles.

Finally Jules decided to come and say hello which made both my companions very happy campers indeed!

Jules - Red-lored Whistler




Fork-tailed Swift