Monday, November 25, 2013

The birds you find when looking for birds

A couple of hours birding in the late afternoon over the weekend was event filled. Mainly because I had not really planned to head into the wetland. I was in shorts and wearing sandals, had no sunscreen or insect repellent nor was I carrying water.

It was over 30 C degrees and I saw 3 Brown Snakes on the track during my walk. Being an elapid, Brown Snakes are front fanged and highly venomous but if they feel you coming (they do not hear, they do not have ears) they will try to get away. I am not concerned by them but still we need to take care not to tread on them because if they are startled, threatened, cornered or hurt (if you tread on them) they will try to protect themselves.

I did see some nice waders, the Ruff is still present along with numerous Wood Sandpiper.

Plenty of Sharp-tailed Sandpipers this year.

The Welcome Swallows were active, some with young screaming for food.

Baby Welcome Swallow gets a welcome swallow!!

Immature Welcome Swallow after it's feed

The Black Swans have also been busy, with the young starting to grow up now...