Monday, July 14, 2014

Lake Gilles Conservation Park and coastal heath SA birding

A weekend in Lake Gilles was just what I needed to escape the wet and rainy winter weather of Adelaide, SA.

A freezing morning but with blue skies provided some nice birding in the peaceful old growth mallee of Lake Gilles.

The birds were active and  I wondered if I might even finally get a photo of my "photography bogeybird" the Rufous Treecreeper which occurs here - at the eastern most end of it's range. I have seen so many of these birds over the years but have never managed a recognisable photo for my collection.

I stumbled across some Whiteface, Weebill's, and Blue-breasted Fairy-wrens before finally heard the distinctive call of the treecreeper. It then landed in a tree not far from me and YES, finally, I have photos!

Rufous Treecreeper


Blue-breasted Fairy-wren - not in full plumage yet!

Female (or immature male) Blue-breasted Fairy-wren

I  called into a nice patch of coastal marsh/heath and enjoyed White-winged Fairy-wrens, White-fronted Chats, Redthroats and songlarks. Even a Black-eared Cuckoo made an appearance as it skimmed low in the samphire looking for food.

Have I mentioned how good mallee birding is??


White-winged Fairy-wren


White-fronted Chat

Female White-fronted Chat




Black-eared Cuckoo