Thursday, January 28, 2016

Port Wakefield and Yorke Peninsula birding in South Australia

Australia Day is a public holiday which for many Australian's means a sleep in followed by a BBQ and a trip to the beach dressed in nothing but a pair of Speedo's and running into the waves carrying an inflatable THONG!

Not  for me! A day off means I have time to go birding!

Heading north with my friend Teresa first stop was Port Wakefield for food, coffee and a walk through the mangroves and Samphire at low tide to check out the local Slender-billed Thornbill population. These little birds can be tricky, but, sometimes they can be obliging and pop up long enough to snap a few photos.

Slender-billed Thornbill

They don't stick around long so ya gotta be quick!

Slender-billed Thornbill

Black Kites are ever present in Port Wakefield and didn't disappoint, coming over to check us out.

Black Kite

Next stop was Port Clinton Conservation Park which provided nice views of about a dozen Banded Lapwing. A very cool bird!

Banded Lapwing

Later in the day over 1000 Red-necked Stint and Red-capped Plovers came in to roost providing a wonderful sight of them flying in formation together.


Elegant Parrots teased us out the back of Price with only a few posing long enough for photo opportunities although they were there in good numbers.

Elegant Parrot

Yep, birding is a much better option than the inflatable thong...

Silver Gull

Me dressed totally appropriately in protective clothing to avoid sun burn and snake bite; oh and  it is totally necessary to be in full camouflage to be able to sneak up on the birds without being detected!