Monday, October 17, 2011

Scarlet-chested Parrots, Black Honeyeater & some frisky Budgies

 The last four days have been a birding feast. The highlight of course being more Scarlet-chested Parrots but I'll start at the beginning....

Last Thursday night I went spotlighting with my friend Chris Steeles......

This was followed by a weekend camping at Gluepot Reserve where I spent some time catching up with some other birders that I know. My good mate Chris was there to attend a course so we spent the early mornings and evening birding together.  I also caught up 7 other birding mates throughout the weekend, most of whom had travelled from interstate to see the Scarlet-chested Parrots.

Gluepot was busy as there was a Painting course being held at the Homestead and 2 organised bird tours also arrived. At one stage there were 14 cars all in Taylorville at the same time. It looked like the CBD!!!

I met up with Chris at Gypsum Lunette Walk in Taylorville and we enjoyed a few hours walking. During the walk we were surrounded by Woodswallows and Budgies, there were thousands of them!!

                                                      The attraction was obvious

Romance was in the air....

                                                     One thing lead to another.....

Spring has definately sprung!

Someone is blushing

The Mallee is really flourishing and birds are everywhere!

                                                         Red-backed Kingfisher

Over the weekend we found 6 Scarlet-chested Parrots. The males are feeding as the females are in the hollows.

We flushed a Painted Button-quail, saw 6 Cockatiel and I was happy to find a Black Honeyeater.

A Red-lored Whistler came in to say hi along with a few Striated Grasswren before a Brown Falcon flew past carrying a Bearded Dragon and I just managed to take a blurry photo and it sped past.

We spent 2 hours spotlighting on Saturday night which was fun although it only resulted in a few bats, plenty of spiders and 2 Tawny Frogmouths.

Million Star accommodation with an almost full moon was very pleasant.

Sunday morning and it was back to the Scarlet-chested Parrots and a few other nice birds then a quick catch up with some interstate birding friends.

It was great to see Paul Dodd and Ruth Woodrow and their friend Tania

If you do visit Gluepot Reserve please remember that it is there to protect our fragile and threatened environment. The entry fee is used to keep the place running!!  Please make sure you go to the Homestead, sign in and PAY YOUR ENTRY FEE!

Sadly there have been some visitors who have failed to do this recently. This is very sad considering we birders should all be doing our bit to assist Gluepot who do such a wonderful job keeping this vital habitat safe for our birds!! Seriously, this fee is very small, only $5 per person for a day trip, so it is only fair to pay your way. 

Please do your bit to help. Donations to Gluepot are also welcome if you wish to do a bit more.

If you enjoy being able to spend time birding please help Gluepot Reserve to be able to continue to protect our cherished birds (and their habitat).... and no I have no connection with Gluepot, but really do care about what they are achieving on very little funds. They are a great example of conservation in action!

When I left Gluepot yesterday I went via Morgan Conservation Park on my way home was rewarding with good views of a pair of Regent Parrots.