Sunday, April 6, 2014

Birding - a fitness challenge!

On a visit to the Mount Lofty Botanical Garden I parked at the Upper Car Park and meandered down into the gullies below enjoying a variety of honeyeaters, Kookaburras, parrots and butterflies as I went.

Of course what I did not think about was that what goes down, must go up! Gee it is STEEP! I started off fine but as my leg muscles started to burn and my heart started racing I slowed, I huffed and puffed, wheezed and whined and finally gave in and stopped, gasping for air..... To give my heart  a chance to not actually explode I took the opportunity to photograph an Eastern Spinebill who was relaxingly feeding. No matter how much I begged it to fly me back to the top sadly it ignored me....






 After that episode I decided to go somewhere with flat terrain so drove to the heart of the Coorong and spent the day seeing what waders where still around and enjoyed some Southern Emu-wrens.