Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Adelaide Hills and Surrounds South Australia Birding

Birding, as most of you would be aware, can (and does) take over your life.

Little Pied Cormorant

Willie Wagtail

It can become an expensive hobby if you let it, and I, for one, have fallen victim to the ever tempting quest of trying to see, and photograph every species of bird in Australia.

Rainbow Lorikeet

I am very grateful to have been invited to join a small team of bird photographers who all share the same passion (obsession) as I do, and thus am now providing my photographs to This website is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in Australian birds.

Purple Swamphen

White-faced Heron

You can find a link to it in my Favourite Birding Links up on the right-hand side of your screen!

Australian Wood Duck

Australian Shelduck

To see every bird in Australia is a huge task and consequently an action plan must be followed. This year my aim was to bird in Victoria, Broome, North Queensland and Southern Queensland. 

Australian White Ibis

Brush Bronzewing

Welcome Swallow

Willie Wagtail

In the last 5 months I have actively birded Victoria and Broome and later this year I will return to Qld to repeat areas I visited last year to hopefully “clean up”.

Grey Currawong

Little Black Cormorant

I have had to save my pennies to ensure I could afford to pay for few weeks of intense birding as it is going to cost me a small fortune. Therefore I’ve had a bit of a “drought” in my little birding trips recently.

Immature Golden Whistler

I have used the past month to photograph many common species who tend to get over looked by many birders ( apart from January 1st of course, when most of us who keep year lists go crazy for a few days “ticking” every bird we can find as we need to start our lists again). I had not bothered to photograph these common birds (chooks) but found that I needed them to add to my Bushpea collection.

Crested Pigeon


It appears to be that even though these common species are usually easy to find, as soon as a birder is looking for them, they undoubtedly will be nowhere to be found. Hence the noticeable absence of the House Sparrow in this collection of photographs. This bird, for the last 4 weeks has disappeared every single time I go out with my camera!

Little Raven

Little Corella

Northern Mallard

Pied Cormorant