Sunday, February 7, 2016

Port Wakefield South Australia

Port Wakefield is approx. 100 km north of Adelaide situated on the Adelaide Plains. It is a major transport route for travellers but sadly many people only stop to refuel and grab some takeaway food and coffee.

For birders, Port Wakefield definitely needs to be explored, so, if you are a birder planning a trip to SA you need to allow some time here, especially in the morning and try and time it for high tide! With easy access to Mangrove tidal flats, Samphire Coast regions, Clinton Conservation Park and Bald Hill beach with easy reach, it is worth staying at Port Wakefield for a few days.

The samphire both within the town itself and near the caravan park is definitely a must if you are chasing Slender-billed Thornbill.  These tiny little beauties can be tricky but patience and persistence does seem to pay off in the end. But other great birds are also around this town.

LOOK UP! Port Wakefield is great for raptors with Black Kite Spotted Harrier, Black-shouldered Kite, Nankeen Kestrel, Brown Falcon and Black Falcon relatively common! Letter-winged Kite has also bred here in recent years.

Bald Hill Beach is located at the end of Proof Range Rd (just south of Port Wakefield) and great for Waders at high tide. Ensure to bring a scope and wind proof jacket though because when the tide goes out, it REALLY goes out!! Apart from waders this beach is also excellent for Terns. Caspian, Crested, Whiskered and Fairy Tern all occur here.

Here are a few photos from todays excursion to enjoy!

Australasian Pipit

Fairy Tern

Fairy Tern - juvenile

Egrets flying

Red-capped Plover


Ruddy Turnstone
Red-necked Stint