Saturday, August 24, 2013

Australian Wildlife Secrets

When I'm not out birding to continue my life goal to see and photograph every bird in Australia I occasionally write articles for Australian publications.

I have 2 articles in the current edition of Australian Wildlife Secrets, a great magazine which you'll find in all good newsagents.

Check it out!!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Jervis Bay, NSW

After researching where to go to find the endangered Eastern Bristlebird and highly elusive Eastern Ground Parrot I decided to head to Jervis Bay, NSW.

After a rather uncomfortable flight where I was seated next to a very large man (with significant hygiene issues) who took up his seat and most of mine, I was VERY relieved to land in Sydney. A quick drive to Jervis Bay and I headed straight into the national park. I was edgy and needed to find these birds.

Although endangered it did not take long to locate the Bristlebird. This cute little featherball lived up to my expectations.  They really are gorgeous with adorable little personalities.

Eastern Bristlebird

On the way to the park I had noticed a nice area of dense low heath so I headed back there to search for the Ground Parrot. I'd been advised to wait to near sundown to listen for their call. I was early so thought I'd sit in the car for a while. Well, within 3 minutes of arriving I looked out in time to see a Ground Parrot flying low over the heath, its bright green body and remarkably long tail unmistakable as it glided low for about 4 seconds before dropping back into the heath. Stunning!

Then they started calling. What a wonderful sound...

Ground Parrot habitat

I stayed and searched and managed to locate another pair who flew off into the sunset. I was eaten alive by mozzies as I was serenaded by a dusk chorus of Ground Parrots calling.

It was a successful day and I was very satisfied.

Jervis Bay is renowned for its clear blue waters and squeaky white sand. It really is a living postcard and worth a visit. Vincentia and Huskisson are lovely little beachside towns and there are ample places to eat and get decent coffee.



The national Parks in this area have great birding and they are well signposted.




There are plenty of other activities to keep you amused once you've finished birding too!




Seals rounding up dinner!




Some fishermen built this house 100m up in a cliff and lived there for a while climbing down on ladders to go fishing each day!