Saturday, August 18, 2012

Winter birding at Gluepot

At 5am this morning I rugged up warm and headed out into the freezing dark night. After stopping to buy a coffee I drove north to collect my mate Chris. We had planned a few hrs birding in the mallee at Brookfied Conservation Park. However, as we got further north we both realised that Gluepot's call was simply too strong to ignore so we kept driving.... 90 minutes later we were at Gluepot.

The aim of today was not to find the usual Gluepot nicities but rather to experiment with our cameras. We did see some nice birds though including Striated Grasswren and a gorgeous pair of Gilbert's Whistler.

Hiking in the remarkably healthy Triodia we flushed a Button-quail, saw a few Miners and enjoyed Red-capped and Hooded Robins.  Striated Pardalotes, Weebill and Jacky Winter were also in good numbers.

Here are a few photos from today!