Monday, October 29, 2012

Port MacDonnell Pelagic

Every time I go on a pelagic I have high expectations. The week preceeding the event is spent watching the weather patterns in the hope that a mega tick will be blown across the border into South Australian waters, and more importantly, straight into the back of our boat!

This weekend everything looked good leading up to the big day. Strong winds in the eastern states had my heart pounding and brain calculating all the possibilities.... hmmmm.... Mottled Petrel perhaps? That would be nice...

Well, the day arrived and so did we. We left the jetty at 6am heading out past the continental shelf.

The weather was calm. Sadly too calm. No breeze to carry the birds. No breeze to carry the scent of burley.  However we still managed 19 species and some very nice birds. They were not hungry though and very few landed at the back of the boat.

Luckily a trawler went past with lots of birds in tow....

A good time was had by all and it was a very nice way to spend the weekend.

Interesting sightings included Common Diving Petrel and a distant view of Long-tailed Skua.

VERY distant view of Long-tailed Jaeger

Northern Royal Albatross

                                                         Northern Royal Albatross

Wandering Tross

Wandering Albatross

                                                      Immature Wandering Albatross - Gooneybird

Campbell's Albatross (Black-browed)

                                                                Campbells Albatross

Immature Shy Tross

                                                                  Shy Albatross

                                                       Yellow-nosed Albatross

                                                         Great-winged Petrel

White-chinned Petrel

                                                                  White-chinned Petrel

                                                                          Cape Petrel

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Laratinga Wetlands

It’s been a bit quiet on the birding front over the past few weeks apart from the occasional walk around Laratinga Wetlands in Mt Barker. 

The weather was against me this afternoon, very overcast and drizzily, but the crakes and waterfowl didn't mind.  I only took a few photos as the lighting made it challenging....