Sunday, July 20, 2014

South Australian Coastal birding

 There is nothing quite like birding in the coastal samphire saltbush marsh and mangroves in SA. A magnet for cool birds.

One species that attracts a lot of birders to this area in South Australia is the elusive Slender-billed Thornbill. I love this bird, not only because it is a gorgeous little feather ball but also because it can be a bugger to photograph! They like hiding in the marsh and often remain concealed even when calling. I think the main secret in getting good views of these little bundles is patience. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again - and WAIT! Stay there, eat your lunch there, stay still and quiet and LISTEN for them!

I spent a few hours enjoying Port Gawler and Port Wakefield and came home with  a few shots for my efforts.

Slender-billed Thornbill

Slender-billed Thornbill




Sacred Kingfisher

Monday, July 14, 2014

Lake Gilles Conservation Park and coastal heath SA birding

A weekend in Lake Gilles was just what I needed to escape the wet and rainy winter weather of Adelaide, SA.

A freezing morning but with blue skies provided some nice birding in the peaceful old growth mallee of Lake Gilles.

The birds were active and  I wondered if I might even finally get a photo of my "photography bogeybird" the Rufous Treecreeper which occurs here - at the eastern most end of it's range. I have seen so many of these birds over the years but have never managed a recognisable photo for my collection.

I stumbled across some Whiteface, Weebill's, and Blue-breasted Fairy-wrens before finally heard the distinctive call of the treecreeper. It then landed in a tree not far from me and YES, finally, I have photos!

Rufous Treecreeper


Blue-breasted Fairy-wren - not in full plumage yet!

Female (or immature male) Blue-breasted Fairy-wren

I  called into a nice patch of coastal marsh/heath and enjoyed White-winged Fairy-wrens, White-fronted Chats, Redthroats and songlarks. Even a Black-eared Cuckoo made an appearance as it skimmed low in the samphire looking for food.

Have I mentioned how good mallee birding is??


White-winged Fairy-wren


White-fronted Chat

Female White-fronted Chat




Black-eared Cuckoo

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Winter Birding in South Australia


Crescent Honeyeater
The rainy weather over the past few weeks has made bird photography a challenge however I've braved the elements a couple of times, been caught in hail storms and rain but still have managed to see a few nice birds. A day trip to Gluepot Reserve yesterday found me enjoying the mallee and today in the Adelaide Hills stringyback forests provided some nice Crescent Honeyeaters.
Winter birding is fine so long as you remember to carry a water proof bag to put over your camera when caught in the rain!
Hope you enjoy the photos!!
Crescent Honeyeater


Red-capped Robin

You can't see me! Brown-headed Honeyeater

Crescent Honeyeater

Brown Thornbill

Crescent Honeyeater

Brown-headed Honeyeater


Crescent Honeyeater

Non-breeding Australasian Grebe