Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Forest Wagtail in Alice Springs, NT

Forest Wagtail

A last minute decison to spend the weekend in Alice and chase the Forest Wagtail turned out to be a very good decision indeed.

The owners of the property that the Wagtail is currently calling home were exceptionally friendly and helpful, as was my mate Chris who popped in for a visit. Sincere thank you to Anne, Will and Chris for your generosity and thoughtfulness!!

I managed to catch up with other birding mates who had flown in from Victoria, Perth and Darwin and it became quite a social event.

The bird performed well on 3 occasions over the day, clearly enjoying Anne's remarkably beautiful garden.

Frank and Biggles with pre-lifer anxiety...

Zebra Finch

Frank, Chris and I then decided to chase Slaty-backed Thornbills  so had a fun few hours around Simpson's Gap and locating a couple.

Frank and I then spent the rest of the daybirding at the Desert Park which has fantastic habitat and is well worth a day visit.

We had breakfast and some quality time at the Olive Pink Botanical Gardens and had a great time with a Western Bowerbird.

Waterfowl at the Poo Ponds

Grey-crowned Babbler

This little Babbler had a deformed bill but it did not seem to give it any bother

Western Bowerbird